Million Books for Million Kids

Small solid steps towards the #millionbooksformillionkids. We continued our collection of children’s books and sharing them with children who don’t have access to good story books. We packed and parcelled first set of 75 books for Drishti NGO, Sikkim. We are now eagerly waiting for the books to reach the kids and get their response.

I am so proud to experience the clarity and conviction of Arin. I am unlearning my knowledge about kids play, am convinced we need to watch out for #generationalpha . Keeping in view his commitment to the project, we now acknowledge this to be serious project, #childrenslibraryproject.

If you are curious about the project and will like to contribute books ( preloved or new) please DM me.

If the purpose of#millionbooksformillionkids resonates with you, and you will like to collaborate or be part of the project, please write in comment, I will reach out to you.






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